WebHostingPad VS A2Hosting – Who’s More Cost-Effective

Though not being the mostly known web hosts, WebHostingPad and A2Hosting have gained some market shares in shared hosting. The highlight of the former is mainly the low prices for getting started, and that of the latter is the green developer-friendly features.

By comparing the two web hosts' plans, prices, speed, uptime, support and features, we found that A2Hosting wins the competition without any doubt because of the great performance and considerate customer service. WebHostingPad charges lower fees for beginners, but some restrictions apply.

Based on these facts, we've made the ratings below and explained them.

Who Provides Better Features at Affordable Prices

WebHostingPad provides two cheap plans named Power Plan and Power Plan Plus. These plans are set at attractive prices if you haven't tried WebHostingPad yet – $1.99/mo and $4.99/mo. But pay attention that the super low prices are valid for long-term 5-year subscriptions. And in the case that you choose a 3-year plan, they increase to $2.29/mo and $5.99/mo.

The low rates don't extend to any renewal. So when the initial term expires, your costs will become $4.49/mo and $7.99/mo if you choose to continue a 3-year subscription with the two plans.

A2Hosting is also offering a 51% discount as an introductory offer for the new customers. By activating such a discount via the following promo link, you can get access to the special prices starting at $3.92/mo. There are three plans in total, and the discounted prices of the other plans are $4.9/mo and $9.31/mo. Renewal costs start at $7.99/mo.

As for the extras, WebHostingPad provides a free domain, while both web hosts make free website transfer available in all their plans. Besides, A2Hosting offers free SSDs and CDN, free shared SSL certificate, and free Bing/Yahoo ads credits.

After presenting the price information, then we'd like to analyze the features. Below is what you can expect from both hosting providers.

  • The cPanel control panel packed with Softaculous installer.
  • PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs and CGI-BIN.
  • Email accounts with email forwarders, auto responders, mailing list and spam filter.

One of the major differences is that WebHostingPad includes "unlimited" resources in both plans while A2Hosting doesn't. Another is that A2Hosting provides better versions of the programming features like PHP, MySQL, and Python. Here are details.

Feature WebHostingPad A2Hosting
Plan Power Plan Lite
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Website(s) Unlimited 1
Email Accounts Unlimited 25
Databases Unlimited 5
Price $2.29/mo $3.92/mo

As a conclusion, we do think A2Hosting is better if you value the features while caring about the cost. WebHostingPad is quite limited in the flexibility. In the case you want to host multiple sites at the same time, A2Hosting has prepared plans.


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A2Hosting Gains the Edges in Other Aspects

Since the hosting performance and customer service are also important factors to consider, we have tested these parts and found A2Hosting deserves the award.


As we have monitored the two web hosts for over a year, A2Hosting is definitely the winner in reliability. It promises 99.9% uptime and can do that in the real world, while WebHostingPad cannot. You can read the uptime records of A2Hosting in below. We believe the excellence attributes a lot to the quality facilities featuring redundant power and network as well as expert monitoring.


A2Hosting has been making a lot efforts to improve the hosting performance since its inception. At present, all of its servers are equipped with full SSDs that accelerate the OS, files and databases, and the company utilizes CDN for each website hosted on the servers so that content delivery can be much faster. Besides, you can optionally enable site caching, Railgun Optimizer, HTTP/2 and more speeding-up technologies.

As a result, A2Hosting is faster than the competitor which is considered to be a little slow even if it is compared with the average web hosts. The evidence is in the chart below.


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Technical support

With both WebHostingPad and A2Hosting, you have multiple ways to contact support, including chat, phone, and ticket. You can choose any way you like, but pay attention that WebHostingPad tends to create tickets for you when you ask questions on phone or live chat. Judging from the efficiency, we do think A2Hosting is better.

Of course, if you don't want to bother contacting the support team for simple issues, you can browse the knowledgebase the two web hosts offer. Their knowledgebase covers various topics including database, FTP, cPanel, domain, FTP, and email. Video tutorials are also available.

Conclusion – A2Hosting Wins

Now you should have learned why A2Hosting provides better shared hosting than WebHostingPad. In fact, there are two more reasons.

  • A2Hosting allows cancellations for refunds at any time, which makes it more secure to buy its plans and choose a long term.
  • This company has been keeping its hosting services green by partnering with environment protection organizations and trying multiple ways to offset the emissions.


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